What Makes Great Content Great?

  • "Content is king" is one of the major web marketing clichés of our time, right up there with “SEO is dead.”

    Following close behind, I think, is the recommendation to “create great content.” Want tons of Google traffic, hot leads, record sales? Don’t worry about SEO, conversion rate optimization, any of that, just create great content!

    But what does that really mean? What makes content great, and what exactly is “content” anyway?

    Here’s my definition: “Content” is really just information – really, simple as that! When you create content, you’re putting information on your site. Some of it is intended to teach, some of it is intended to persuade, some of it is intended to entertain. And great content is information that succeeds at teaching, persuading or entertaining your visitors while also helping you meet your business goals.

    To make this all a little more concrete, here are eight traits – all words that end in “able” – you should strive to embody with your content. If your content meets all or even most of these standards, you’re off to a great start!

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